Hello!  Welcome to my cyber home and the place fueled by my imagination.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  I love to be taken on a ride—in fiction, that is.  Give me a mystery or suspense, weave in romance, end it with a happily ever after, and you have a happy reader.  I read across the board but romantic suspense is what I write.

In real life, my family has been my greatest joy and accomplishment by far, and for the most part, we’ve completed our journey unscathed. But in fiction, a smooth ride is boring.  So, what I bring to my writing is characterization and conflict.  I take my real-life paved road, add a few bumps, a road construction crew, and I’m not above throwing in a boulder or even an avalanche.

Finally, for those who wonder what a bulldog has to do with my site, I’d like you to meet Coach.  Coach is my dear friend’s English bulldog and will help you navigate these pages.  Check out my bio page for a picture of Coach and me.  I think you’ll appreciate his message.  This website is all about writing.  I’ve written articles on doubt, the muse, and hopefully a humorous account of the lengths we’ll go to acquire an agent.  I’ve also included a special article about law enforcement written by Sgt. Bernie Moss.  I hope you’ll take a moment to read You’re Not a Cop Till You Taste Them.  I also hope you enjoy your stay and leave inspired.

Finally, check out the Extra Section. Here, I’ve posted an unused chapter in my award-winning debut novel, The Past Came Hunting. Want to know what happened after the prologue? Here’s your chance.

Thanks for stopping by!