Hello!  Welcome to my cyber home and the place fueled by my imagination. I love to be taken on a ride—in fiction, that is. Give me a mystery or suspense, weave in romance, end it with a happily ever after, and you have a satisfied reader. I read across the board but romantic suspense is what I write.

In real life, my family has been my greatest joy and accomplishment. But in fiction, a smooth ride is boring. So, what I bring to my writing is characterization and conflict. I take my real-life paved road, add a few bumps, a road construction crew, and I’m not above throwing in a boulder or even an avalanche.

This website is all about writing.  I’ve written articles on doubt, the muse, and hopefully a humorous account of the lengths we’ll go to acquire an agent.  I’ve also included a special article about law enforcement written by Sgt. Bernie Moss.  I hope you’ll take a moment to read You’re Not a Cop Till You Taste Them. I also hope you enjoy your stay and leave inspired.

Finally, check out the Extra Section. Here, I’ve posted an unused chapter in my award-winning debut novel, The Past Came Hunting. Want to know what happened after Melanie’s hitchhiking episode? Here’s your chance.

Thanks for stopping by!